Portable Lab - ArtPrize 2015

The Portable Lab is a science outreach installation at ArtPrize 2015, though it is designed to be moved anywhere. It is a collaboration with the Cognitive Science Dept. at Michigan State University. The Lab is a steel kiosk that houses an iPad, on which participants can engage in a scientific experiment on timing and perception, which operates like an aural version of the game "telephone.". This experiment collects real data and transfers it to the Cloud, where participants can go online to see their data in a broader context and learn about the science behind it all.

My tole on this project was to design and build the kiosk, which includes the design of all the physical elements and the fabrication of the signage and computer terminal. Thanks to Robotodd Industries for steel fab.

Official website: www.kimboluti.com/artprize

See the building of the arrow: https://youtu.be/4ariPnAPyME